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Portal 2 In The Alien Swarm Engine

Welcome to P2ASW's Homepage!

We are actively looking for helpers! See the Discord server for details

What is this?

P2ASW is an unofficial project which aims to recreate most of the singleplayer Portal 2 campaign elements and maintain compatibility with most official maps.

The project can be downloaded from GitHub, check the Downloads page for more information.

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Do you want regular updates about the status of the mod? Do you want to join our team? The Discord server is the right place! Join our Discord here:

  • P2ASW Discord Server
  • Frequently asked questions

    Do I need to own Portal 2 to play P2ASW?

    Yes, Portal 2 is required as it contains all the assets P2ASW uses. Pirated copies are illegal and you will not recieve support if you use one.

    Why is this project a thing?

    For fun mostly, but it also provides an open source base for modders to create more advanced Portal 2 mods.

    Why Alien Swarm?

    Alien Swarm is the most recent Source Engine branch with source code access to the public, it also is compatible with most of Portal 2's assets.

    What's ASW?

    ASW = Alien Swarm

    Is this project official?

    No this is a community made project.

    What is this based on?

    This is based on the open source Alien Swarm SDK with some added changes such as VPC and most Portal 2 code is remade from scratch.