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WIP: This page is not representative of the true compatibility.

Campaign Compatibility

Test Elements

Total Compatibility: 42/47

*The amount of entities that exist and can be spawnable.
Some entities have a border around their status, hover over the border for more information.
Entity names obtained here (Valve Wiki)
Entity Status
Portals WorksSome occasional crashes when placing/walking through them though.
Player WorksViewmodel grabbing is buggy.
Turrets Works
Regular cubes (and their skins) Works
Cube buttons Works
Reflection cube Works
Sphere/Ball Works
Catapult Works
Sphere/Ball button Works
Pedestal button Works
Laser emitter Almost Works
Laser catcher Works
Catapult Works
Light bridge WIP - Projector works
Gels WorksWorks without Blobulator (What renders gels in P2)
env_player_viewfinder (Used in CO-OP for the cameras) Works
filter_player_held Works
func_portalled Not implemented
info_coop_spawn Works
info_landmark_entry & info_landmark_exit Works
info_paint_sprayer Works
info_placement_helper Works
info_player_ping_detector Not implemented
info_target_personality_sphere Not implemented
linked_portal_door Works
logic_coop_manager Works
logic_timescale Works
npc_personality_core Works
npc_wheatley_boss Works
paint_sphere Works
point_changelevel Works
point_futbol_shooter Works
point_laser_target Works
point_survey (Seems increadibly useless, low priority) Not implemented
portalmp_gamerules Works
prop_indicator_panel Works
prop_linked_portal_door Works
prop_monster_box Works
prop_paint_bomb Works
prop_testchamber_door Works
prop_tractor_beam Mostly Works
prop_under_button Works
prop_under_floor_button Works
trigger_paint_cleanser Works
trigger_ping_detector Works
trigger_playerteam Works
vgui_mp_lobby_display Not implemented

Singleplayer Maps

Total Compatibility: 0/62

*The amount of maps that load in game
Map Name Status
Act 1 All maps in Act 1
sp_a1_intro1 Playable until you reach the "9999" part
sp_a1_intro2 Works
sp_a1_intro3 Works
sp_a1_intro4 Works
sp_a1_intro5 Works
sp_a1_intro6 Mostly Working
sp_a1_intro7 Works
sp_a1_wakeup Broken
All maps in Act 2
sp_a2_intro Works
sp_a2_laser_intro Works


Total Compatibility: 0/?

*The amount of maps that load in game
Map Name Status
- ?
- ?
- ?