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How To Host A Team Fortress 2 Classic Server

Ever wanted to host your own TF2C Server? Well now you can!


1. Download SteamCMD From Here:


2. Create a folder in the root of the C:\ drive (your choice but I’m choosing C:) called “Server”

3. Inside it create another folder called “SteamCMD”

4. Extract the contents of the steamcmd zip from the URL you downloaded earlier into C:\Server\SteamCMD

5. Download this script I made to automatically download all the base files (700MB)


6. If you have set the folder names different to what are n the guides then edit the bat file (Right click it and press edit)

Under force_install_dir, change that to your server folder.

7. Copy your existing installation of TF2C into C:\Server

If you have the same folders in the guide you should have it set up like this:



Tf2classic [Folder]

SteamCMD [Folder]

8. Go into the tf2classic folder you have copied, once in there

go into cfg and download this file:


9. Copy the cfg file into that folder.

10. Download the last batch file to start your server from


11. Copy that batch file to C:\Server (or whatever you named it)

12. Run the batch file and your server is running!


Add an MOTD: in tf2classic\cfg create a text file called motd.txt

Inside it write whatever you want!

Add Plugins: Upcoming Guide about this topic.