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These are all the weapons in and their stats from TF2C.

Nailgun - For Scout Only, Slot: Primary

Ammo Loaded:20

Ammo Carried:100

Damage:Base 15 Crit 45

Stats:Fires continuous nails

20 loaded nails per clip.

RPG - For Soldier Only, Slot: Primary

Ammo Loaded:1

Ammo Carried:20

Damage:Base 145 Crit 435

Stats:Rockets travel in an arc

+30% damage bonus

-25% projectile speed

-75% clip size

Gunboats - For Soldier and Demoman, Slot: Secondary

Stats:-60% blast damage from explosive jumps

Dynamite Pack - For Demoman Only, Slot: Secondary

Ammo Loaded:1

Ammo Carried:∞

Damage:Base 160 Crit 480 Bomblets:Base 80 Crit:240

Stats:Explodes into 4 smaller bomblets

Has a 10 second cooldown

Wrench hits defuse it


Mine Layer - For Demoman Only, Slot: Secondary

Ammo Carried:3

Ammo Loaded:24

Damage:Base 100 Crit:300

Stats: Launches proximity mines that automatically detonate near enemies

-63% clip size

-5 max pipebombs out


Coilgun - For The Engineer Only, Slot: Secondary

Ammo Loaded:8

Ammo Carried:16

Damage:Base 25 Crit:75 Charged:Base 75 Crit 225

Stats:Hold down alt-fire to charge up damage

charged shots bounces off walls up to three times

Charging it for too long will cause it to explode, dealing 60 damage to yourself

Uberspritze - For The Medic Only, Slot:  Melee

Damage:Base 65 Crit 195

Stats:On hit: 25% ÜberCharge added

-20% slower firing speed

-25 max health on wear


Hunting Revolver - For The Sniper Only, Slot: Primary

Ammo Loaded:6

Ammo Loaded:24

Damage Range:Base 40 Crit 120 Headshot: Base 120 Crit: 360


There is no scope, but a zoom-in instead.

+25 max health on wearer

+50% faster firing speed

No damage charge


Shock Therapy - For The Medic Only, Slot: Melee

Damage:Base 10 Crit30

Charged:Base:100 Crit 300


Hit teammates for a quick full heal to maximum health (30s cooldown)

Damage is affected by current electrical charge

Crits while in water

While holding this weapon under water it removes full charge.


Fishwacker - For The Sniper Only, Slot: Primary

Damage:Base 65 Crit:195

Stats:On Hit: Bleed for 2 seconds

100% critical chance vs bleeding players

You are marked for death while active and for short time switching weapons.

-20% slower firing speed

No random critical hits


Tranquilizer Gun - For The Spy Only, Slot: Primary

Ammo Loaded:1

Ammo Carried:24

Damage:Base 20 Crit 60


Umbrella - For The Civilian Only, Slot: Primary
Damage:Base 35 Crit 105
Stats: Alt-Fire: Grants a teammate a 10 seconds mini-crit boost


Those are all the custom weapons in the game.