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Epic Sentry


While the mod already has every game mode from Capture The Flag up to Special Delivery, the mod also adds new game modes.


Based off of VIP from Team Fortress Classic, the BLU team needs to escort their Civilian to the end of the map, while RED needs to eliminate him to win. The Civilian is randomly chosen at the beginning of each round, but a player can also be voted to become the Civilian. There is also a VIP race gamemode, however, there are not yet any official maps for this gamemode.


Domination is a game mode where each team tries to capture Control Points in order to gain points. Each captured Control Point gives their team "points" every few seconds. The more Control Points a team has captured, the more points they gain, and the first team to hit the point limit wins.

Four Team

Four Team is a sub-game mode where four teams fight over objectives instead of the traditional two. This sub-game mode introduces two new teams to the already existing RED and BLU, YLW (Yard Logistics Workers), and GRN (Global Radio Network).

Four Team supports any existing game modes, as long as it is logically symmetrical.

at random, takes the role of the Henchman, a class that has a large health pool and damage output, at the cost of only being able to use melee weapons. All other players, which are put on the RED team, will be given a brief amount of time to build up their defenses until the Henchman is released. The Henchman wins the round if he kills all enemies, otherwise, the RED team wins either by killing the Henchman or capturing the Control Point.